Project White Tail

I am proud to announce the cinematic trailer release for 'Project White Eagle', an ambitious third-person Souls-like RPG, meticulously crafted using Unreal Engine 5.3. As a dedicated developer committed to creating an immersive and challenging gaming experience, I have leveraged the full potential of a C++ codebase to bring my vision to life. The game, set in a richly designed universe, promises to captivate players with its depth and complexity.

To date, significant milestones have been achieved in the development process. These include:

  • Fluid character movement

  • Added Inverse Kinematics (IK) for lifelike character animations

  • An interactive weapon pickup and equipment system

  • Engaging cinematics that enrich the storyline

  • Level 1 has been fully designed, showcasing the intricate world and setting the tone for the game's expansive universe.

Looking ahead, the development journey continues with several key functionalities slated for implementation. These include the development of a sophisticated Enemy AI, intricate patrolling mechanisms, and a line of sight triggering AI that will challenge players' strategic skills. Additionally, enhancements in dodging and attacking mechanics are underway, along with the integration of a comprehensive health and stamina system. A pivotal feature, the souls system, is also in the works, set to add a unique dimension to the gameplay. My commitment to excellence and attention to detail drives the ongoing development of 'Project White Eagle', ensuring that each aspect of the game is refined and engaging. Stay tuned for further updates as this exciting project progresses.